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Selling tickets

If you have bought tickets for an event through viagogo, but for some reason do not need them all anymore, you can resell your tickets through the website. Please remember this is now a chain of sellers so there needs to be enough time from the original seller to deliver to you, then you to deliver to your buyer. If your seller is delayed for any reason and you are concerned you may not deliver on time, please Contact Us immediately so we can help.

List Your Tickets, it's Easy and Free!!
Find the event you want to sell tickets for by clicking on one of the links below

After you find the event, click on the "sell" link located on the right side.
Remember listing your tickets is completely free; viagogo doesn't get paid unless you get paid!

1. Register/Login
If you are new to viagogo you will be asked to register
If you are already a member please sign in All sellers and buyers must register with viagogo in order to use the service

2. Guarantee Your Tickets
You will be asked to enter your credit card or bank account details
Entering your card or bank details allows us to validate your identity to minimise fraud and creates a better experience for all users
You will only be charged if there is seller fraud

3. Enter Your Ticket Details
Enter all the specifics about the tickets you are selling i.e. how many, section, row and any additional information that may be helpful

4. Complete Your Listing
Finish with choosing the type of listing you would like to create
Fixed Price
Or Declining Price (allow your price to decline over time)

5. Select your payment method
Select your payment method i.e. confirm if you would like the proceeds of your sale to be paid to your preferred payment method or donated to charity
Click FINISH. You are done!

6. Send Your Tickets
Once a buyer purchases your tickets, viagogo sends you an email informing you of the sale
viagogo supports all delivery by providing you with a pre-paid airbill and/or instructions in order to get your tickets to the buyer on time
viagogo takes care of all payment and customer service and you will not get any emails or phone calls from any potential buyers

7. We Guarantee Your Transaction
Just as we guarantee the buyer will receive the tickets, viagogo guarantees the seller will get paid after the tickets have been sold and delivered accurately.
Your payment will be received 5-8 business days after the event, if tickets have been received and confirmed by the buyer.

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